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Questions for Candi

Do you regularly sew for fun? - Deena

     "Yes, it’s fun. I realize the art of sewing isn’t for everyone. But for me, it’s relaxing, it’s something to do while I’m sitting in my garden, listening to music or traveling. If I’m not sewing, I’m sketching out a pattern or idea for a new item – I visualize it in my head first and then transfer it to paper. I keep a pad and pen with me at all times. I love the entire process, from concept to completion. I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t sew a little each day." - Candi

When did you first get interested in creating custom pillows? - Suzanne

     "I originally started out designing and sewing my own clothes when I was a freshman in high school. I had been sewing for years but it wasn't until high school that I became serious about it because every time I went shopping, I’d spend hours searching for a style that I liked; then once I’d find the right style, I’d never find it in the color or pattern I wanted. I think most women and some men can relate to that frustration and disappointment. So, making my own clothes fixed the problem for me."

     "Years later I was decorating a home for a client and she requested that I find her something unique and different in a throw pillow. Every where I searched all I found I was the same old standard mass produced stock type throw pillows. I decided to make the pillows myself and my client was thrilled. Word spread and here we are."
- Candi

Do you have a favorite pillow that you’ve created? - Marc

     "Well, I take pride in every item I create. I think one pillow that is special to me is one I created for a friend."

     "My friend had recently lost her mother and I was helping her go through closets; folding and boxing clothing to donate to one of the local charities. She came across a beautiful dress that was last worn by her mother at a wedding many years earlier. She pointed me to a photograph of her mother dancing at the wedding with her son. There was just too many emotions and memories tied to that dress and I knew she wasn’t ready to part with it.  My friend looked at me with tears in her eyes; I offered to create a pillow. At first she wasn’t sure; but she handed the dress to me, shook her head yes and smiled. I made a beautiful pillow out of that garment and it’s one of my favorites - and my friend keeps the pillow displayed on a favorite chair."

- Candi

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