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     “Thank you so much! It was exactly what I wanted. When I took it out of the box, I started crying and my husband didn’t know what to do. Now when I miss my dad, I fix a cup of tea, pick up a book and park myself in a favorite chair, my pillow beside me. I know you won’t believe it but there are times when I'd swear I can smell his cologne. It feels like saying thank you just isn’t enough, but Thank you!”  Janice D. – Logan, Utah.

     “You did it – our ongoing family squabble is finally over. The pillows you made from my mother’s wedding dress were a God send. And the extra ring bearer pillows you made were an unexpected surprise. Now my sisters and I are finally talking again. Thank you.” - Donna M. – Hoboken, NJ.

     “I was referred to you by a friend and I was skeptical. You were patient and helped me understand what could be done. I took longer deciding what I wanted than it did for you to actually make the pillow. I’m already looking forward to my next one. Maybe you can make it for Christmas?” - Tamara G. – Burbank, Ca.

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